FIMX Mechanical Services

FIMX Mechanical Services LLC was formed in order to provide the UAE manufacturing market with exceptional quality products and services. Thus, we provide the very best in tools, parts, and machinery that have been identified as needs through sufficient market research and the link a link to the FIMX Group. FIMX Mechanical Services LLC caters to a wide variety of sectors, catering to their auxiliary needs and requirements. These include the oil, marine, gas, automobile and construction industry. Our expertise and key relationships within the industry allow us to mass produce market-orientated manufacturing goods that are key to our clients’ success.


  • Quality manufacturing, repair & maintenance services
  • On-time delivery of products and services
  • High end customer and sales Services
  • Easy access to new and used machinery to meet the demands of the customer
  • State of the Art manufacturing facility with a process flow system
  • Research and development of product, services and human development tied to mission


  • Dry docks world
  • Dubai Aluminum
  • Emal
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Jet Aviation

Contact US

  • 5th Street, Marrakech St,
    Ummu Rumool, Dubai - UAE
  • +971 (4) 284 4449
  • support@fimx.ae